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just sending a message to make sure your still alive you haven't updated your twitter in awhile

i'd love to play the game, but as soon as I get into the game proper it flashes violently no matter what i do :c I've tried different resolutions, turned vsync on and off and I've tried in fullscreen and windowed and nothing seems to fix the flashing problem

I'm very sorry that this problem has happened to you, I will try to get a bug fix in and be back with you as quickly as possible


love your game wow :)

I had a great time playing your demo! But it did not seem to enjoy my recording software cuz even upon reshooting it still looked wonky. Nevertheless I enjoyed the demo and can tell it is shaping up nicely!

Color me incredibly confused!

I played your demo through the spectral mall, thus the thumbnail

Incredibly hilarious yet horrifying at the same time!


Very wierd game, but cool. Kinda like Yume Nikki but you got a moped instead of a bike ->

If you're into strange games (PS1 style or not): Play it!

I really really really want to complete this game, but when "time comes" and I attempt to leave dark bedroom game just blackscreens! I can hear my footsteps and music, but I can't see anything!


UPD: I had this issue when playing on Windows 7, I tried running it on Linux with Proton Experimental, and somehow it helped, and I managed to finish game on linux


i love you



Love it love it love it! Does the main character have a name (as I assume Porter is just a job title)? I really like her!

Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 3:20 (if you only want to see this game). Best of luck with the development!

hey I decrypted the mouth in the mall and when I tried using the code it didn't work. Is there more to it than just the mouth?

There are 3 code: mouth,eyes and hands but I don't know where I put it.

This looks really good! tried to play it through the HPS1 2022 demo disk and unfortunately the game ran at like 15 fps... i have a mid/high tier pc so that's a bit odd. 

Tried playing through the patched version downloaded right here and it's the same, everything including the menus seems to be locked at 15 fps which made me dizzy (except the intro scene which played normally). 

I have a 74hz monitor so i don't know if that could be the issue...

This game is awesome and really creative. Unfortunately I ran into two game breaking bugs where i couldn't exit the computer or daily message instructions. Just thought I'd share!


very beauty retro . GG

Does the game allow you to save your progress? I've run into some bugs that require me to close and re-open the game to continue playing, but it always starts me from the beginning :(

For the time length I was unable to add in a proper save system sorry. Though now it is out, I will look into adding it in and adressing some of the game breaking bugs that people have been having. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Alright, no worries. thanks for the response! 

I'm having issues regarding the letters inside your house. When i go to read them I'm unable to go back to playing the game. Is this a bug or am I just stupid? Other than that, love the game and its idea! Can't wait to see more cryptids to be added!

I think that you just have to press e again to close the letter. Thank you though for the comments and I'll start working on a way to make that more noticeable 

Hey, had the same problem. Pressing E didn't help. I found out that it locks up if you move while pressing E. 

Oh I see, apologies I thought that problem was fixed, I will make a patch for that

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Neat, I hope you fix the controls for keyboard and controller
(need customizable controls for us AZERTY keyboard users)

you should check out Umurangi generations :) good game


Cute and creepy game, this games appeals to me a lot and got a great aesthetic. The music rules as the creator is also a really talented musician. Please play it!


thought it was fantastic and always a joy to see peeb. A lot of character and great tunes